CAP heeft het opgegeven op Jackass:

After eight minutes I walked out. In that eight minutes I saw such behavior as a fat man’s pants splitting at the seam in the seat and he was wearing no underwear. Nothing was tried to accomplish modesty. Indeed, all cinematic maneuvers appeared to be used to prolong view of it … while he was on his knees. An electric muscle stimulator was applied to the most intimate private male parts possible and no attempts were made to hide anything. An electrode was applied to the space dead center in the crotch with no attempt to obscure subject and neighboring anatomy. None. An electrode was applied to a man’s member … in full view. Full male nudity, front and back are seen. Repeatedly. All in eight minutes.

There will be no CAP full analysis package for this movie prepared. This is the last you will hear about it from me and I will not discuss it. Period
[Childcare Action Project]