Israel Acknowledges Contraceptive Shots Given to Ethiopian Jews
The Israeli government has tacitly acknowledged injecting Ethiopian women immigrating to Israel with a long-acting contraceptive without their knowledge, telling them they couldn’t come into the country if they didn’t take the shot, which the women thought was a vaccination. Many have called the practice appallingly racist. The shots are being blamed for a 50 percent drop in the birth rate in Israel’s Ethiopian community over the past decade.

Rich Stanton on: Requiem for a dreamer •
Despite all of this, a tiny part of my brain still believes in Molyneux. And this is the whole point: were Molyneux a total fraud, no-one would be interested. He'd be a minor annoyance. But because of Bullfrog and Lionhead, and not forgetting the hard work and talents of many others, he has a record that includes several truly special games.

Gordon Ramsay’s dwarf porn star look alike found dead in badger den half eaten – Shocking News True Stories Worldwide
Bon. We mogen het internet voor vandaag ook weer even dicht doen: "The thirty five year old star of X-rated movie Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It’s Up Your Arse We Go was discovered in a badgers den, partially eaten, by Ministry of Agriculture experts who were checking the den ahead of a planned badger-gassing program. The midget porn stars 107 centimetre (3’6″) body was discovered ‘partially gnawed’ in the badger burrow, however at the moment it is unclear how the adult actor died, suicide has not been ruled out by investigators."

Opinie: Ik daag u uit om werk te vinden met deze twee masterdiploma’s | Opinie | De Morgen
De VDAB haalt als een ware pro dt-fouten uit je wervingstekst, maar voor de rest kan je als hooggeschoolde best niet te veel verwachtingen koesteren. Nu ben ik niet politiek correct, ik weet het. Maar het is de waarheid.

Lets review.. Docker (again) | Cal Leeming Blog
It's been just over a year since my last review of Docker, heavily criticising it's flawed architectural design and poor user experience. The project has since matured into 1.0 and gained some notoriety from Amazon, but has suffered growing user frustration, hype accusations and even breakout exploits leading to host contamination. However the introduction of private repos in Docker Hub, which eliminated the need to run your own registry for hosted deployments, coupled with webhooks and tight Github build integrations, looked to be a promising start. So I decided to give Docker another chance and put it into production for 6 months. The result was an absolute shit show of abysmal performance, hacky workarounds and rage inducing user experience which left me wanting to smash my face into the desk. Indeed performance was so bad, that disabling caching features actually resulted in faster build times.