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Erdogan claims fighting terrorism outweighs democracy in Turkey | News | DW.COM | 16.03.2016
"Democracy, freedom and the rule of law," have "absolutely no value any longer," President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told local leaders in Ankara on Wednesday. "Those who stand on our side in the fight against terrorism are our friend. Those on the opposite side, are our enemy," he said in the televised comments, according to DPA news agency. Turkey will employ "an iron fist against terrorism" and "fight Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) militants," Erdogan told a televised gathering of local district leaders in Ankara Wednesday. The president also made critical remarks about the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which has 80 seats in parliament. "Wherever you run, our soldiers, police and village guards will find you there and do what is necessary," the president said.

Martin Kettle: Gout is no joke. This I know from painful experience | Opinion | The Guardian
a female GP of my acquaintance, who has had four children by natural delivery, who assured me that gout is indeed worse than childbirth

Up yours, Brutus!
whether Julius Caesar said et tu or kai su to the young man stabbing him, it meant the same thing: “Back at you, punk!” or better yet: “Up yours, Brutus!”

AlphaGo shows its true strength in 3rd victory against Lee Sedol
By move 32, it was unclear who was attacking whom, and by 48 Lee was desperately fending off White’s powerful counter-attack. I can only speak for myself here, but as I watched the game unfold and the realization of what was happening dawned on me, I felt physically unwell.

Johan Van Overtveldt, une certaine idée de l’incompétence – Belgique – LeVif Mobile
L'opposition crie, déplore l'incompétence et le manque de professionnalisme de Johan Van Overtveldt. Même certains partenaires au gouvernement s'en torsadent un peu bruyamment le pharynx. Il s'en fout, Johan Van Overtveldt. Parce qu'à la fin, il aura ce qu'il voulait depuis le début : moins d'Etat donc moins de Belgique.

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