Facebook’s ad metric problem is becoming Zuckerberg’s headache | New York Post
Mark Zuckerberg has a credibility problem. The tech mogul’s Facebook just admitted to finding more “bugs” in the way it measures ads — and once again, those bugs benefited Facebook.

More than half of arrested anti-Trump protesters didn’t vote in Oregon | KGW.com
Most of the 112 protesters arrested in Portland last week didn’t vote in Oregon, according to state election records. Approximately 30 percent did cast a ballot in Oregon or in another state.

Wannabe Data Scientists! Learn the basics with these 7 books! – Medium
In the last few years I spent a significant time with reading books about Data Science. I found these 7 books the best. These together are a very valuable source of learning the basics. It drives you through everything you need to know.

Het antiracisme van de oppervlakkigheden – Jan Blommaert (en z’n gedachten)
wanneer men inziet dat discriminatie op grond van herkomst slechts één specifieke vorm is van een veel ruimer structureel mechanisme van discriminatie en uitsluiting, dan gaat het niet meer over “onze Vlaamse aard”, maar wel over kapitalisme, neoliberalisme, en sociale rechtvaardigheid. En dat is de “comfort zone” van links (of zou dat moeten zijn).

‘We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes’: A Lost World of Shipwrecks Is Found – The New York Times
Archaeologists have found more than 40 vessels in the Black Sea, some more than a millennium old, shedding light on early empires and trade routes.