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Zo moet het, vermoed ik — vervolg


Dear Michel,

Yesterday, supporters all across the country responded to Barack’s request by making more than 300,000 calls into crucial March 4th primary states.

We reached our goal of one million calls much faster than expected, so we’re setting a new goal: 1,500,000 calls to voters by Tuesday.

Use our online phonebanking tool and start making calls right now:

There’s no easier or more effective way to keep building momentum for this campaign than making calls to likely supporters.

Zo moest het dus inderdaad.

Zo moet het, vermoed ik

Obama doet het toch echt wel bijzonder zeer goed, zijn online werk. Zonet kreeg ik een mail binnen met de titel Will you make a call for me?

Onemillioncalls_emailMichel —

I need you to make your voice heard today — literally.

Over the past week, supporters have made more than 700,000 phone calls right from their own homes. They are reaching out to voters in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont before the March 4th primaries.

We’ve set a goal of 1 million calls to help Get Out The Vote for these critical contests — will you help?

All you need is a few minutes, a phone line, and a passion for change. Start making calls right now:


Personal contact is the best way to grow this movement, and now you can make these connections right from your own home.

We’ve identified likely supporters in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont, and with our online phonebanking tool, you can start calling them right away.

…ga daar naartoe, en je krijgt meteen een naam en een telefoonnummer en een volledig uitgedokterd script:


Eens kijken. De opener is altijd hetzelfde: “Hello, may I speak with Christi please? Hi, my name is Michel, and I’m a volunteer with Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. How are you? The Texas primary and caucus is just a few days away. Have you decided which candidate you will be supporting?

  • euh ja, ik ben voor Dick Cheney
  • Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me. Have a great day/evening!

Dus: verdoe uw tijd niet met republikeinen, dit zijn nogmaar primaries.

  • welke kandidaat? Hillary is mijn schoonzuster, ge kunt wel peizen wie ik ga steunen!
  • Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me. Have a great day/evening!

Dus: verdoe uw tijd niet met mensen die toch al gekozen hebben voor Hillary.

  • gho, ik weet het niet echt, maar ik denk dat ik voor mevrouw Clinton ga stemmen
  • I understand, but I feel strongly that Barack is the best candidate because…

    • During his more than two decades of public service, Barack Obama has been bringing people together to solve important problems. As a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, Obama brought faith, political, labor and business leaders together to restore hope and economic opportunity to a community that had been devastated by steel mill closings.

    • Barack Obama is challenging the conventional thinking in Washington by leveling with the American people about his plan to strengthen Social Security. Politicians in Washington routinely dodge and duck any discussion of Social Security – because it’s the so-called third rail of American politics. We can trust Obama to tell us the truth even on the tough issues – and even when it’s not politically convenient. That’s how we’ll strengthen Social Security, and it’s how, as President, he’ll changed the divisive, partisan politics in Washington that have blocked so many needed reforms.

    • Barack Obama is the only major candidate for President – in either party – who both opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning and opposed the Bush administration’s march to war in Iran. That’s the kind of judgment that we need in our next Commander in Chief.

    • Time and time again, Barack Obama has proven himself as a leader who can bring together people of all different backgrounds and beliefs to help change this country for the better. He will be open and honest with the American people and provide the judgment our country needs.

    Do you think you will support Barack on March 4th?

Een hele resem talking points, en dan de keuze tussen ja, ja maar nog altijd niet zeker, nee maar misschien en nee nog altijd onbeslist.

…en zo worden alle mogelijke opties afgegaan. En na afloop kan ik feedback laten over dit gesprek: ofwel het script uitgedaan, ofwel: geen antwoord of bezet, verkeerd nummer, nieuw nummer, niet ge├»ntereseerd, terugbellen later, taalprobleem.

Zonder enige vorm van ironie: zoiets zouden we ook in Belgi├ź moeten doen.

Geef mij geld!

Dag na dag na dag na dag komen er boodschappen (persoonlijke boodschappen!) van Barack en zijn cornuiten binnen, en van Hillary en trawanten: ik heb me ingeschreven op beide campagnes.

Vandaag sprong deze er uit:

Michel —

Support this campaignI was writing a note to you about the state of the race after Super Tuesday when we got some startling news.

The Clinton campaign just announced that Hillary and Bill Clinton injected $5 million of their personal fortune into her campaign a few days ago.

This is a dramatic move, and a clear acknowledgement that our campaign has the momentum. We saw undeniable evidence of that last night as the results came in.

Barack Obama won the most states and the most delegates on February 5th.

We have gotten to this point thanks to an unprecedented outpouring of support from ordinary Americans.

To date, more than 650,000 people like you have taken ownership of this campaign, giving whatever they can afford.

The Clinton infusion of $5 million — and there are reports it could end up being as much as $20 million — will give them huge resources for the next set of primaries and caucuses.

Thanks to you, we have raised more than $3 million since the polls closed on February 5th. But we have no choice — we must match their $5 million right now.

We’re going to do it the right way, with small donations from people like you. It’s never been more urgent that you make a donation of $25 right now:


Basisdemocratie, op een bepaalde manier, vermoed ik, als je de de kiezer laat betalen voor (een groot stuk van) de campagne.

Maar zo schaamteloos, en zo schuldgevoelinducerend… iek.

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