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Pros and Cons of Personalization in Your Website Design | Design ShackWhen it comes to website personalization, designers have a lot of opinions. Is the research and hassle of designing a personalized interface worth the reward? For big companies such as Amazon and Netflix, personalization has been a game-changer. But what about for your website? […]

Maak mij wakker, iemand. Iemand?

Ik las een interview met de verondersteld machtigste man van de hele wereld, de president van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika. Serieus, probeer u hier eens door te werken. Waanzin. WSJ: On immigration—could you see yourself signing a bill…. Mr. Trump: The other thing…so the wall. The wall’s never meant to be 2,100 miles long. We have […]

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Laurie Anderson – Home Of The Brave (1986)32 jaar na datum nog altijd fris. Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: The Market for LemonsIn this article, we study the emergence of an extractive institution that hampered economic development in Italy for more than a century: the Sicilian mafia. Since its first appearance in the late 1800s, […]

Die keer dat ik een verhaaltje vertelde voor kleine kindjes

Ik was mijn computer aan het opkuisen, want het is morgen mijn laatste dag bij Adhese, en maandag mijn eerste dag bij Namahn.  Dat opkuisen, dat houdt niet zo enorm veel in: alle werkfiles staan op de werk-gedeelde-drive-in-de-klaawd, en alle persoonlijke files staan op Onedrive of mijn eigen gedeelde drive-in-de-klaawd, alle geprogrammeerde dingen staan op […]

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Nasa wants government to stop hitting reset button after Trump admin shifts target from Mars to MoonNot The Onion: "NASA has been ordered by the administration of US President Donald Trump to go back to the Moon instead of focusing on Mars, leaving experts baffled as to what this would accomplish." QB64 WikiQB64 is a […]

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Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local. | US news | The GuardianThe Guardian’s new geographic analysis is the first time that gun homicides nationwide have been mapped down to the census tract level, researchers said. This new approach was made possible with the geocoded data collected since 2014 by the not-for-profit Gun […]