Links van 7 november 2017 tot 9 november 2017

Johnstown Never Believed Trump Would Help. They Still Love Him Anyway. – POLITICO MagazinePolling continues to show that—in spite of unprecedented unpopularity—nearly all people who voted for Trump would do it again. But as I compared this year’s answers to last year’s responses it seemed clear that the basis of people’s support had morphed. Johnstown […]

Links van 16 april 2016 tot 18 april 2016

Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic – The New York Times85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising will go to Google or Facebook, said Brian Nowak, a Morgan Stanley analyst. (…) Facebook also announced that it would open up Instant Articles — which encourage publishers to post their content directly […]

Links van 18 februari 2015 tot 23 februari 2015

The Trouble with Dijsselbloem | JacobinFor Dijsselbloem, extinguishing Syriza’s promise is imperative. It is a precondition for restoring the stability of the EU that he, his party, and economic elites so desire. But it is as necessary for the continuation of the dreamless, managerial, suit-and-tie progressivism from which he has never strayed. The dangers of […]

Links van 28 mei 2014 tot 2 juni 2014

Brainfuck beware: JavaScript is after you! | Patricio Palladinotl;dr I just made a tool to transform any javascript code into an equivalent sequence of ()[]{}!+ characters. Bayesian AB Testing | Technology on Heels with Lyst EngineeringBayesian inference is robust and fun. You too should try it out. Typography in 8 bits: System fonts » DamienGMy […]

Greater Fuckwad Theory, revisited

Herinner u, uit een ver verleden, John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory: Normale persoon + anonimiteit + publiek  = complete klootzak.  Ik kon er mij helemaal in terugvinden, in Gabriel’s theorie, en ik zag ze dag na dag bevestigd overal een beetje op het internet.  Het schoolvoorbeeld, jaren aan een stuk, waren de reacties bij […]

BOTsing: Zelie in de boekskes

Ja, ik ben nu eigenlijk ook wel eens benieuwd wat er nu uiteindelijk van gekomen is, van dat tekstje dat ik een halve eeuw geleden geschreven had en die foto’s die ik erbij had genomen. Eén tip van de sluier gelicht via Instagram, maar voor de rest: geen idee. Met wat geluk komt het nummer […]

Links van 2 maart 2012 tot 4 maart 2012

There is something really wrong with modern programmers. Very wrong indeed.Increasingly, projects are websites.  You don’t have to be a power programmer; you can cut-n-paste Javascript and run node.js and then you go get mongoDB or Redis as a backend and you’re thinking you’re scalable!  Get with the movement! 2012_SDTVx264r.nfoThe SD x264 TV Releasing Standards […]

Links van 3 juni 2011 tot 4 juni 2011

Well, What’s the Matter? – The COMPLETE definitive Catwoman origin.For Bruce Wayne, it took seeing his parents murdered in front of him; Jonathan Crane, a lifetime of ridicule and pain; Harley Quinn, all-consuming obsessive love. All the best heroes and villains in every medium, from literature to film to comic books, have traceable motivations for […]

Links voor 19 mei 2011

ASCII by Jason Scott / FaceFactsJust as viruses took the advantages of sharing information on floppies and modems and revealed a devastating undercarriage to the whole process, making every computer transaction suspect… and just as spyware/malware took advantage of beautiful advances in computer strength and horsepower to turn your beloved machine of expression into a […]

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A Month Of Awesome Maps – RPG Cartography CarnivalWhee! Lester Bangs’ Basement: What it means to have all music instantly available. – By Bill Wyman – Slate MagazineWhat it means to have all music instantly available. The Resurrection of Johnny Cash | Music | The GuardianIn the 1980s, Johnny Cash was languishing on the cabaret […]